These features were either changed or deleted in the series.


-In the trailer, the damage modeling was more detailed. Parts of the cars (such as bumpers) would dangle and eventually fly of off the vehicle.

-The workshop heads up display was different. The garage was brighter in the beta.

-The cover art was going to be different. The logo (unchanged) was to be placed on the front bumper of a modified Vauxhall Corsa.

-The game was supposed to be released in September of 2004 by Acclaim. The final game was then released in May 2005 by THQ because Acclaim went bankrupt.

-The heads-up display had different fonts. The gauge was more realistic looking. There was also an ABS and wheelspin light, indicating that you could drive with or without anti-lock brakes. The NOS had resembled a bottle with white liquid instead of a bar under the tachometer gauge in the final game.

-The driving engine was very bad compared to the final game. You had to brake harder and car control wasn't very functional.

-There was a "checkpoint" banner in sections of the tracks.

-Some tracks had different scenery such as billboards, buildings, and trees.

-The start/finish sign had a different font and color.

-The track map was beside the position instead of being in the bottom left corner.

-The car selection screen didn't tell the specs of the vehicle

-The car classes in the custom race mode had different names.

-The leaders for the crews had different names.

-A crew "Black Sunrise" was cut from the game.

-There were originally going to be 48 cars as the final game has 52 cars. some cars were not put in the game at the time the beta was released.

-The AC Cobra 427 was cut.

-The game was originally called "Juice" in a slightly different font and an exhaust pipe sticking out of the "e".

-In the early alpha, the physics were lighter, as cars could flip easier. The graphics and textures were lower in quality.