The Honda CRX is a Class 8 car in Juiced. It is also one of the 3 cars available at the start, alongside the VW Beetle and the Peugeot 206 GTI.


A modified Honda CRX

Performance and ModificationEdit

Standard this car produces 152bhp and with all level 3 upgrades installed produces 273bhp. This can then be fine tuned to produce a bit more or a bit less for $250. The bodykits for this car are all original creations, there is no brands. This car is a good all rounder in regards to performance.

Buying the carEdit

The car can only be bought either Used or Damaged and costs up to $2,300.

Other NotesEdit

You will very rarely race against this car in Career mode. Why the crews don't use it is unknown. It does occasionally appear in Class 8 Japanese car only races.